Barton Apple Orchard

Come Apple Picking Today!

Barton apples are known as the best in the area! We have over 120 acres of apple trees ready for you to pick! Apple season is from the middle of August through November. Depending on the time of the season, different apples are available for picking. Barton Orchards rotates picking areas around the farm to ensure you have access to the freshest apples!

We have Barton Apple Orchard apple bags available for purchase in bushel and peck size. Apple bags can be picked up at the Apple Stand. In order to pick apples, you must have purchased a Barton Apple Orchard Apple bag that day. Be sure to ask a staff member for a map to ensure that you are picking in the best areas!

Just a friendly reminder-if you pick it you are responsible for paying for it.
Call us at 845-227-2306 for up-to-date information about picking!

Apple Picking


•Early Gold (early)
•Pristine (early)
•Paula Red
•Ginger Gold (late)


•Jona Mac (early)
•Gala (early)
•Macintosh (early)
•Empires (late)
•Red Delicious (late)
•Golden Delicious (late)
•Jona Gold (late)


•Ida Red
•Red Stayman
•Granny Smith (late)


•Apples can vary. Please call Barton Orchards at 845-227-2306 to see what is available for picking.