Barton Orchards

Grab a Bite to Eat in our Midway Farm Area

Running around all day, and staying busy can make you build up an appetite! Barton Orchards has a number of different stands and concessions to choose from. No matter what you are craving, we have something for you! Check out the descriptions of our stands and concessions below.

Barton's Bakery

Barton's Bakery has all of your favorite sweet treats! Stop in and try our awesome apple dumplings, homemade muffins, pies, cookies, strudels, and fresh baked bread loaves.

Granny Smith's Kitchen

Granny Smith's Kitchen is a great place to grab a meal and recharge! We have everything from hot dogs, hamburgers, pretzels and fried pickles to chicken tenders, nachos, french fries, onion rings, mac & cheese bites, mozzarella sticks ........ and ........... soft serve ice cream!

Hot Dog Shack

Enjoy Nathan's Footlongs along with all of the toppings!

Farm Market & Fudge Kitchen

The Farm Market & Fudge Kitchen is the place to shop for home goods such as jellies, jams, spreads, seasonings, salad dressing, candies, country crafts, and more! It is the perfect place to pick up something special for the holidays or another upcoming celebration. We have a Fudge Kitchen located within the market - where we make fresh and creamy Calico country fudge in house!

Barton's Backyard Tap Room

Come join us for a drink! We have local craft beers, several hard ciders, and wine for you to enjoy. We have flat screen televisions, so you can catch up on the score of the latest game.

Barton's Beverage

Barton's Beverage is the go-to spot for fruit smoothies, flavored coffees, cider, lemonade, fruit punch, water, and soda!

Fry Shack

Barton Orchards Fry Shack features a wide variety of fried food items. You can find anything from fried dough and apple dumplings to fried pickles, french fries and more!

Corn & Candy

Do you have a sweet tooth? This is the place to stop for fresh popcorn, cotton candy, and caramel apples!

Snack Shack

The Snack Shack is the spot to pick up your favorite snacks, cider & more!