Tree Top Adventures

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An exciting new aerial adventure, obstacle course addition to Barton Orchards.


Spend a full day climbing, swinging, and zipping from tree to tree.

Get tired of only ziplining?

Tree Top Adventures is grown by and centered within Barton Orchards! So just a tractor hay-ride away, you can enjoy every part of Barton Orchards Farm as well including a dog park, a taproom and much more!

Some parties have friends or family members that cannot climb the main course, due to their age of height. Fortunately, we have our Kid Koala Course for those young climbers. They can utilize the Koala Course, while the rest of the group or family tries the main courses. This is a win-win, everyone gets to climb and experience the park - no one is left on the side lines.

** The Koala Course can only be used, if at least one member of the party is climbing the main courses. **